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Lancien Farm

The idea of "Lancien Farm" began as a childhood dream.  I cannot remember a time that I didn't have this dream. The name comes from my lifelong interest in Arthurian legend. "Lancien" was a small town that existed in Cornwall and was associated with King Mark.

As time passed, my dream grew and began to revolve around the Shetland Sheepdog, otherwise known as a "Sheltie."  The hardiness of the breed, combined with the intelligence and desire to please, was something that would later serve well when venturing into sheep.  "Lancien" became the kennel prefix for the shelties and I began to have modest success in AKC competition show rings.  Having a taste for the "unusual," I concentrated on the AOAC's (Any Other Allowed Color).  Through time, Lancien Shelties became known for their striking blues (gray) and blacks.

I have a number of years in raising and showing horses. This experience with horses has given me the experience to develop the correct and ideal functional conformation that is the foundation the shelties are based on.  Additionally, the development of this "eye" has been helpful in breeding and raising sheep.

The Shelties carried the dream of "Lancien Farm" until 2001 when I acquired a small farm north-west of Columbus, Ohio.  On my 10 acres of land, it is here that Lancien Farm began to blossom.  My interest in all things from the Shetland Isles has lead to the decision to "Specialize in Shetlands."  The Shetland Isles also has ducks, and now, so do I!

So enjoy the site - and enjoy the tour of Lancien Farm.

Cynthia M. Wolfe
Marysville, OH
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